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FSMA publishes new FAQs on short selling

The FSMA today publishes a new version of the FAQs concerning the ban on short selling of financial shares.

The new version of the FAQs answers questions received from market participants concerning the application of the ban, amongst others the fact that the ban is based on the net economic position.

The current ban provisions were introduced on 12 August 2011. The list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the FSMA website.

The FSMA is acting in close cooperation with the other European regulators that limited short selling[1] and under the coordination of ESMA[2], and will continue to closely monitor the markets and their developments.

Upon consultation with the above-mentioned regulators, the FSMA will assess when it may be opportune to lift the temporary ban on covered short selling. The aim is to lift the ban as soon as market conditions allow it and, to the extent possible, in a coordinated way

[1] AMF (France), HCMC (Greece), CNMV (Spain), CONSOB (Italy).

[2] European Securities and Markets Authority.