Various measures have been anounced in order to help attenuate the impact of the coronavirus crisis on consumers, the self-employed and companies. Such measures have been adopted both by the government and by the banking and insurance sector. Anyone who has questions about these can, as from today, contact the call centre at the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). The measures are intended for those who are financially affected by the coronavirus crisis and include, for example, the postponement of mortgage payments, of tax payments and of the payment of insurance premiums and of contributions to second-pillar pension plans.

The FSMA, as a supervisor with a focus on consumer protection, has a call centre for those with questions about these measures. The call centre itself will provide answers to a number of questions and, for certain topics, will refer enquirers to the institutions that have made available more detailed information.

The call centre can be contacted starting on Wednesday, 15 April 2020: either in writing via a contact form or by telephone every business day between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. via the telephone numbers:


8a.m. -1p.m. 1-6p.m.
02/2205 837
02/2205 255