Common reporting framework - COREP

CEBS has devised a common reporting framework around the solvency ratio for credit institutions and investment firms subject to the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) 2006/48/EC, and the Capital Adequacy Directive (CAD) 2006/49/EC. The framework is limited to the reporting on regulatory own funds and Pillar I capital requirements for credit risk, operational risk and market risk. The reporting framework does not cover areas such as liquidity risk, large exposures and credit registers.

The proposed framework comprises of a number of templates to be filled in by the reporting institutions. Under this common framework, the basic elements to be reported will be similar across the EU, with possible differences in the degree of details requested in each country. Each national supervisor will select the degree of detail of the information to be reported, depending on the practices and the degree of sophistication of the institutions in the various national jurisdictions. The inclusion of all these potential requirements in a common framework will ensure that the same information will be requested according to the same format, thus reducing the compliance burden for reporting institutions.

The following table provides information on key aspects of the implementation of the common solvency reporting framework by the CBFA. The complete reporting framework adopted by the CBFA is provided in Circular letter PPB-2007-3-CPB (Dutch - French) and annex PPB-2007-3-CPB-1-1 (DutchFrench).

Use of the Guidelines on Common Reporting Belgium
General Information
Date of first application 31/03/2007
Roll-out strategy total
Official published version of the national reporting framework PPB-2007-3-CPB-spreadsheet
Foreseeable date for final implementation N/A
Basic frequency for the reporting Quarterly
Descriptive information about the approach followed by the national authorities regarding the solvency reporting The prudential supervision with regard to the solvency requirements is based on these reports. An additional template for large exposures is requested.
Specifities of implementation:
Type of institutions (size, activities…) Reporting is applicable to credit institutions, investment firms, settlement institutions and financial holdings. Frequency of reporting can vary for different types of institutions (credit institutions, investment firms)
Type of carried out supervision Solo and consolidated
Type of accounting framework used BGAAP and IFRS
Use of XBRL Yes, compulsory
Version of the CEBS taxonomy Belgian extension of COREP version 1.2.3

Detailed Information Application of CEBS COREP tables National COREP tables
CA and Group Solvency
CA-Solvency Ratio Overview Fully 90.01
Group Solvency Details Fully 90.02
Credit Risk
CR SA: Credit and counterparty credit risks and free deliveries: Standardised Approach to Capital Requirements Fully 90.03
CR IRB: Credit and counterparty credit risks and free deliveries: Internal Rating Based Approach to Capital Requirements Partially 90.04
CR EQU IRB: Credit risk: Equity: Internal Rating Based Approach to Capital Requirements Fully 90.05
CR SEC SA: Credit risk: Securitisation: Standardised Approach to Capital Requirements Fully 90.06
CR SEC IRB: Credit risk: Securitisation: Internal Rating Based Approach to Capital Requirements Fully 90.07
CR SEC Details: Credit risk: Detailed information on securitisations by originators and sponsors Fully 90.08
CR TB SETT: Settlement/Delivery Risk in the Trading Book Fully 90.09
Market Risk
MKR SA TDI: Market Risk: Standardised Approach for Position Risks in Traded Debt Instruments Partially 90.10
MKR SA EQU: Market Risk: Standardised Approach for Position Risks in Equities Fully 90.11
MKR SA FX: Market Risk: Standardised Approach for Foreign Exchange Risk Fully 90.12
MKR SA COM: Market Risk: Standardised Approach for Commodities Partially 90.13
MKR IM: Market Risk: Internal model Fully 90.14
MKR IM Daily: Market Risk Internal Model Details Fully 90.15
Operational Risk
OPR: Operational Risk Partially 90.16
OPR Details: Operational Risk: Gross Losses by Business Lines and Event Types in the last year Fully 90.17
OPR LOSS Details: Major Operational Risk Losses recorded in the last year or which are still open Not applied  
Other information institutions are required to report as part of the solvency reporting Additional templates 90.18

For an overview regarding the implementation of COREP in the EU Member States see the corresponding table on the CEBS homepage.

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