File manager for the Supervision of Insurance and Intermediaries Department

Where will you be working?

Persons wishing to exercise the profession of insurance intermediary, intermediaries in banking and investment services, or intermediary in mortgage credit or in consumer credit must first be enrolled in the appropriate register held by the FSMA. Each intermediary must, once registered, continue at all times to meet all legal and regulatory conditions for registration. The FSMA is looking for administrative staff members to manage these registration dossiers.

What will your job entail?

Together with some twenty colleagues, you will process, under the supervision of a team of legal advisors, the registration applications of these intermediaries and provide regular follow-up on their dossiers. You will also assist intermediaries by answering their questions, both during and after the registration process.

Registrations take place via an on-line application. The processing begins when the applicant intermediary has uploaded all the required data and documents and has paid the registration costs. The emphasis is always on an efficient critical testing of each application against the applicable legal and regulatory framework. You will also assist the legal advisors in the management of lenders’ authorization dossiers, and you will have a chance to collaborate on various other tasks and projects.

What knowledge, experience and skills do you bring?

  • A Bachelor’s diploma, preferably in law or in a financial discipline (insurance, banking, accounting, etc.).
  • 1 to 2 years’ experience in the financial sector.
  • Understanding of the key concepts and practices of the financial world or a particular interest in these areas.
  • Good analytical/organizational skills and capacity for synthesis.
  • Ability to handle new situations easily and attentiveness to interpersonal relations.
  • Ability to maintain efficient and professional contacts with financial sector players and to defend positions before your interlocutors.
  • Knowledge of common Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.).
  • Sound competence in Dutch and a sufficient command of French and English.

What do we offer you?

  • A permanent full-time contract.
  • Your work at the FSMA will have an important social impact, as you will do your bit for consumer protection.
  • A competitive salary package with many family-friendly and fringe benefits (including group and hospital insurance, full reimbursement of public transport costs, a budget-friendly company dining room, contribution to your mobile phone and internet subscriptions, additional non-statutory holidays, bank holidays, etc.).
  • In addition, you can maintain a good work-life balance.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • But there is more. We offer many opportunities to those who wish to seize them. We provide numerous options for training and development. You will have space to take initiatives. And you will be collaborating on challenging projects. Rest assured that you will never be stuck in a rut.
  • An easy to reach location in central Brussels.

Each member of the FSMA staff is subject to a strict code of ethics and is bound by the obligation of professional secrecy.