Legal counsel for the Transversal supervision of financial products department (investment instruments)

Legal careers

Job content

You will be working in the 'Transversal supervision of financial products' department. Together with the other staff members of the department, you will supervise the information provided by issuer and distributors when they market certain investment instruments such as structured credit notes and alternative investments in moveable and immoveable goods. The supervision is conducted in two different ways: first, by ensuring the quality of the information and advertisements disseminated regarding the financial products being offered, and second, by ensuring compliance with the regulations governing the products themselves. The regulations concern in particular the application of the moratorium launched by the FSMA on the distribution in Belgium of particularly complex structured products to retail clients.

In addition, you will participate in specific transversal projects in the preparation and implementation of Belgian and European legislation on investment instruments.

Degree requirements

A Master’s degree in law. A degree with specialization in economic and/or financial law is an advantage.

Professional experience

You should have at least three years’ relevant professional experience in the financial sector or as a lawyer specializing in economic and/or banking and financial law.

Specific skills

  • Good knowledge of the general financial legislation and of financial products;
  • Ability to maintain contacts with financial sector participants and to defend positions vis-à-vis those interlocutors;
  • Capacity to handle complex legal questions effectively, in a European context where applicable.

General requirements

  • Commitment to the tasks of general interest with which the FSMA is entrusted;
  • Analytical skills and capacity for synthesis;
  • Excellent capacity for logical structuring of oral and written communication;
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
  • Adaptability and attentiveness to interpersonal relations;
  • Efficiency, assertiveness and persuasive powers of argumentation;
  • Sense of measure and proportionality;
  • Professionalism: competence, ethical behaviour and commitment to advancement;
  • Solid competence in Dutch, French and English;
  • Knowledge of the commonly used Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.).

Each member of the FSMA staff is subject to a strict code of ethics and is bound by the obligation of professional secrecy.