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Athos International Management BVBA - “Eagle Crest Insurance” - “Eagle Crest Underwriter”


The Financial Services and Markets informs the public that on 15 February 2016 it withdrew the registration of Athos International Management BVBA from the register of insurance intermediaries and that therefore the said company no longer holds the registration necessary to carry on the activities of insurance intermediation in Belgium.

Athos International Management BVBA, which is also active under the trading names “Eagle Crest Insurance” and “Eagle Crest Underwriter”, currently has its registered office at Strobloemenlaan/Avenue des Immortelles 3, 1070 Brussels, and also has an operational centre at Mechelsesteenweg 93, 2018 Antwerp.

According to the information available to the FSMA, Athos International Management BVBA acts as an underwriter (also known as an “underwriting agency”) for various insurance companies active in Belgium via the freedom to provide services. In that capacity, it held authorizations from those insurance companies to act on their behalf and worked with other insurance intermediaries registered in Belgium.

An enquiry conducted by the FSMA indicated that Athos International Management BVBA is unable to demonstrate whether all insurance policies written through its intermediation or managed by it were in fact covered by an insurance company.

There is therefore a risk that certain insurance policies sold via Athos International Management BVBA may not in fact be covered.

The FSMA decided for that reason to make public its decision to withdraw the company’s registration. The FSMA advises clients of Athos International Management BVBA, and/or of the insurance intermediaries though which the company worked with, to check whether their risks or their clients’ risks are in fact covered.

The decision to withdraw the registration of Athos International Management BVBA from the register of insurance intermediaries, and the decision to make the withdrawal public, are subject to appeal to the Council of State (Raad van State/Conseil d’Etat).

If you wish to check in general whether an intermediary has the requisite registration, please use the search function (available in Dutch and French only) on the website of the FSMA. You can also contact the FSMA (email address: