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Loan Express


The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns the public against the fraudulent activities of Loan Express, a company that is offering credit illegally to consumers.

Loan Express is not authorized or registered in Belgium as a lender or credit intermediary. Therefore, Loan Express may not offer credit in Belgium.

According to the information available to the FSMA, it seems that the credit being offered by Loan Express is entirely fraudulent. The company operates as follows: if a consumer tries to take up the offer, he or she is asked to make certain payments supposedly to cover various costs relating to the credit (for example, so-called dossier fees or administrative costs). Once these costs have been paid, the consumer does not receive the credit, and it is almost impossible to recover the sums that were paid. More information about this type of consumer credit fraud is available in the general warning published by the FSMA on 17 December 2019.

The FSMA therefore very strongly advises against responding to any offers of credit made by Loan Express and against making any payment to the company.

Loan Express uses the website, but this website is no longer active.

Would you like to enquire more generally as to whether a transaction being proposed complies with the financial legislation? Please use the search function on the FSMA website. You can also contact the FSMA directly via the consumer contact form.