You are a consumer

You can find information on the tasks and powers of the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) on this website. There is a search function to help you look for press releases, warnings and communications amongst others. You can also check whether a financial services provider (bank, insurance company, broker etc.) has the requisite authorization.

The website features a wealth of information on savings, investments, insurance, pensions and other money-related matters. The site also features several handy tools, such as a savings account simulator. The information on is completely independent, trustworthy and easy to understand. 

What can I contact the FSMA about?

If, after having looked through the information on our websites, you still have a question, complaint or suggestion, or you want to send us information, you can contact us.

How can I contact the FSMA?

You can use our contact form.

Or you can send us a letter:

FSMA - Consumentencontact/Contact Consommateurs

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