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Colloquium on cybercrime and investment fraud

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The Chairman of the FSMA, Jean-Paul Servais, spoke at a colloquium in Paris organized by the French financial supervisors the ACPR and the AMF and attended by approximately 500 people. The topic of the colloquium was the protection of consumers against cybercrime and investment fraud. These phenomena have grown more frequent in the past few years and the methods used keep changing. During his remarks, the Chairman described the various actions taken by the FSMA against these crimes and spoke of the challenges the latter represent: raising the awareness of and informing consumers, making the financial sector more aware of the issue and collaborating with partners, in particular the courts, with the emphasis on blocking access to websites and blocking funds. The Chairman also stressed that an effective fight against fraud indisputably requires mobilization and consultation by all of these players. This is the approach that the FSMA is taking and will continue to take.