Here you can find the warnings published by the FSMA or by other supervisory authorities to alert the public about companies or persons who are active in Belgium without holding the requisite authorization. In most cases, the warnings are about fraudsters. Never deal with a company about whom a warning has been published!

Please note: The absence of a warning about a company does not guarantee that the company in question holds a valid authorization.

The FSMA seeks to ensure that it publishes warnings in a timely manner. It can happen, however, that the FSMA has not yet been informed of a company that is engaging in unauthorized activities on the Belgian market. That is the case, for example, with companies that regularly change names. It is therefore possible that the FSMA has not yet published warnings about certain companies that are operating illegally within Belgium.

You can check whether there is a warning about an offeror using the search page.

In any case, check via theĀ search page whether your offeror holds an authorization.

Don't be duped! Visit the FSMA's website for more information about frequent forms of financial fraud