FSMA launches the ‘FSMA Academy’, an innovative training programme!

Press release
FSMA Academy - Logo

In order to contribute to raising the awareness of professionals in the financial sector of the rules subject to its competence, the FSMA is launching its own training programme: the FSMA Academy. In ten sessions, participants will be given a chance to deepen their knowledge about key topics in the current financial landscape: sustainable finance, crypto-assets, rules of conduct, markets, investment funds, etc. The sessions will be taught by experts from among the FSMA staff as well as by top national and international speakers. Registration is now open.

As part of its mandate to serve the public interest, the FSMA has designed an innovative training programme for professionals in the financial sector. In ten evening sessions between September and December 2024, which take place at the premises of the FSMA, participants will learn more about various topics that are crucial to working in the current financial landscape:

  • The role, mandates and challenges of the FSMA
  • Sustainable finance and the fight against greenwashing
  • Data analytics and financial supervision
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • The financial markets
  • Combatting money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Investment funds
  • Rules of conduct
  • Financial education
  • Hot topics

Participants will receive presentations by experts from among the FSMA staff as well as national and international guest speakers invited for the occasion.

This innovative initiative on the part of the FSMA is aimed at raising awareness among professionals of the various rules in force in the financial sector. Participants in the programme will also have the opportunity of engaging in discussions with each other and share good practices.

Registration is now open: Space is limited.