Publication of sectoral reports on compliance with MiFID

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MiFID: protective hands around the euro symbol

The FSMA has today published three sectoral reports on compliance with the MiFID conduct of business rules. Compliance with those rules is important in order to ensure that the right products are offered to the right people. The sectoral reports are based on inspections carried out by the FSMA. The results show that there has been improvement in terms compliance with the MiFID rules of conduct. These rules are now better incorporated into business practice and have proven their added value. There are a few points for which improvement is still needed. All those points are discussed in detail in the three sectoral reports published by the FSMA.

The reports address the following topics:

  • the suitability assessment (available in French - Dutch only) ; 
  • the appropriateness assessment (available in French - Dutch only);
  • product governance (available in French - Dutch only).