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Free provision of services by EEA credit institutions
A. Free provision of services in Belgium by credit institutions governed by the law of another EEA Member State /or tied agents established in that other Member State (Article 1, § 3, first paragraph, 1° of the Law of 25 April 2014 on the legal status and supervision of credit institutions)
MiFID(A): 1 - RTO, MiFID(A): 2 - Execution of orders, MiFID(A): 3 - Dealing on own account, MiFID(A): 4 - Portfolio management, MiFID(A): 5 - Investment advice, MiFID(A): 6 - Underwriting or placing on a firm commitment basis, MiFID(A): 7 - Placing without a firm commitment basis, MiFID(B): 1 - Safekeeping, MiFID(B): 2 - Granting credits MiFID, MiFID(B): 3 - Financial engineering, MiFID(B): 4 - Foreign exchange services, MiFID(B): 6 - Services related to underwriting
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avenue Kléber
Paris Cedex 16
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