The FSMA warns the public against the activities of International Markets Live LTD (Imarketslive)

Warning: an inverted triangle with exclamation mark

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns the public against the activities of International Markets Live LTD, which offers tools and trainings relating to forex products and CFDs.

International Markets Live, via the website, offers Belgian consumers tools and trainings that are supposed to help them trade in forex products and CFDs. They target mainly young people. In addition, the firm offers its members advantages and compensation that increase the more new members they recruit.

International Markets Live is not, however, authorized to offer financial services and products in Belgium. Moreover, the system proposed by International Markets Live exhibits features characteristic of a pyramid scheme. More information about this form of fraud is available on the website of the FSMA.

The FSMA points out that since 18 August 2016 no investment firm, authorized or not, is allowed actively to distribute forex products and CFDs within the territory of Belgium. This also means that it is forbidden to give clients a reward for bringing in new clients or for recommending forex products, CFDs or related services to other people.

International Markets Live has also been the subject of warnings by the French supervisory authority (AMF) and by the Spanish supervisory authority (CNMV).

For all these reasons, the FSMA strongly advises against responding to any offers made by International Markets Live.


The FSMA wishes to remind readers that responding to offers of binary options, forex products and CFDs is very risky. Investing in binary options, forex products and CFDs runs the risk of losing the entire investment, and in the case of forex products, even more. The chance of gain is also much lower than the chance of loss.

For more information about binary options, forex products and CFDs, the FSMA invites investors to consult the webpage "Binary options and forex" on its website.

Would you like to enquire more generally as to whether a proposed transaction complies with the financial legislation? If so, please use the search function on the FSMA website. You can also contact the FSMA directly via the consumer contact form.