About the FSMA

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) is an autonomous public institution situated in the heart of brussels.

The FSMA has been entrusted with a wide range of competences by the legislator. They include inter alia the supervision of financial products, the supervision of the conduct of business rules, the supervision of the financial markets and the supervision of the information of companies, the supervision of financial service providers and the supervision of supplementary pensions. The FSMA also supports the supervisory activities regarding the profession of statutory auditor.

Through its supervision, the FSMA strives to ensure the provision of adequate financial services, the honest and equitable treatment of financial consumers and the transparency of financial markets by seeing to it that companies that raise financing on those markets provide correct and complete information.

The FSMA also actively contributes to a better financial education of the population.

By doing so the FSMA wishes to guarantee that the financial system is worthy of its clients’ confidence.

More information about the FSMA is available under ‘About the FSMA’ on this website.