Have I been the victim of fraud?

Thank you for completing this test. Danger Be careful It’s fine

Are you sure of the identity of the person or firm contacting you (have you checked the name, registered office, home country, contact details and whether it holds an authorization to make this kind of offer)?

Is the seller offering you an easy, risk-free investment?

Is the seller offering you an investment and promising a return that (far) exceeds that of traditional savings or investment products?

Is the seller offering you an investment in an alternative to traditional investment products (e.g. wine, whisky, cryptocurrencies, energy, real estate, etc.)?

Before making you an offer, did the seller ensure that the product offered fits your needs and investment objectives?

Is the seller urging you to make a quick decision about an investment?

Have you been contacted by phone/email without having requested such contact, or after having clicked on a link or sponsored post on social media?

Is the seller asking you to transfer money to a bank account in a country other than one where its registered office is located?

Is the seller making the payment of your invested capital and/or your profits subject to the condition that you pay additional fees (such as a tax or fee)?

Based on your answers, you are at significant risk of fraud.

One of your answers indicates that the investment being offered poses a risk of fraud.

Based on your answers, the investment offered does not pose any obvious risk of fraud.

Remain vigilant. Before investing, read all the documentation attentively. Don’t invest unless you understand the product.