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Compliance Day 2019

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Compliance Day was held this week. The day was organized by the Forum. Compliance Day is an annual conference that focuses on current topics of importance to compliance officers in Belgium.

In the course of the day, several representatives of the FSMA gave presentations to the more than 150 compliance officers in attendance. They received feedback about the transversal inspections carried out by the FSMA on the topic of conflicts of interest and inducements in the distribution of class 23 insurance products and about the application of the European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).

Representatives of the FSMA also provided an overview of developments in the supervision at European level and of the role of the European financial supervisory authorities ESMA, EBA and EIOPA.

Click here (Feedback inspectie belangenconflicten en inducements & Stand van zaken implementatie IDDESMA, EIOPA and EBA: EU rule makers & indirect supervisors)  to see the Compliance Day presentations.