The FSMA imposes an order – Hendrik Boonen

Press release
A panel displaying the logo of the FSMA hangs at the entrance to the FSMA building

The FSMA orders Mr Hendrik Boonen to immediately cease all insurance distribution activity.

Mr Hendrik Boonen’s registration as an insurance broker was deleted from the register of insurance intermediaries on 31 May 2022. This means that, as of that date, Mr Hendrik Boonen has been prohibited from perpetrating acts of insurance distribution.

Mr Hendrik Boonen uses the trading name ‘Hypodroom’ and is based at Lodewijk Van Berckenlaan 51, 2600 Antwerp. His website is

According to information available to the FSMA, after his de-registration as an insurance broker, Mr Hendrik Boonen continued to perform acts of insurance distribution, such as making changes to insurance policies and issuing insurance certificates.

It is therefore possible that certain risks that were apparently insured by Mr Hendrik Boonen after 31 May 2022, are not actually insured. When in doubt, the FSMA therefore advises clients of Mr Hendrik Boonen to contact their insurance company. If, as a customer, you have transferred funds that you cannot recover, we advise you to file a complaint with the judicial authorities.

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