FSMA participates in extensive prevention campaign against online investment fraud

News article

Fraudulent investment offers are increasingly being made online, mainly via social media. Every year, consumers lose vast sums of money to this widespread phenomenon.

According to reports received by the FSMA, Belgian consumers have already lost more than 2 million euros to online fraud in the first quarter of 2024. Like other players in the sector, the FSMA is actively seeking to combat this phenomenon by both preventive and punitive measures taken on various fronts.

Extensive prevention campaign 

The FSMA recently joined forces with other authorities involved in combatting online investment fraud. Together, they prepared a video to raise awareness among the public and help them avoid falling into the traps laid by fraudsters. The video is a joint initiative by the Belgian professional association representing the banking sector, Febelfin; the Federal Judicial Police; Safe on Web; and the FSMA.

You can watch the report below. There is also a teaser.