IOSCO Chair welcomes European Commission’s publication of ESRS, integrating ISSB standards as endorsed by IOSCO

News article
De wereldwijde organisatie IOSCO kondigt aan de implementatie van de eerste set van ISSB-normen inzake duurzaamheidsrapportering te steunen

Jean-Paul Servais, Chair of IOSCO, has today welcomed the European Commission’s adoption of the ESRS and, in particular, the announcement by the European Commission that it has integrated the ISSB Standards into them.  

The announcement illustrates the importance of the ISSB standards, which were recently endorsed by IOSCO as a global framework for sustainability-related disclosures in the interest of investors and issuers.

Jean-Paul Servais stated that 'coming just after the recent endorsement of the ISSB standards by IOSCO, this announcement by the European Commission means that the EU, which is such an important part of global financial markets, takes significant steps towards integrating ISSB disclosure requirements and adds the 27 Member States of the European Union to the global wave of support for the ISSB standards around the world, and it does so at a crucial time'