Moratorium on the distribution of particularly complex structured products

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The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) calls upon the financial sector not to distribute to individual investors structured products that are considered particularly complex. Distributors that sign on to the moratorium commit themselves not to distribute structured products that do not fulfil the criteria that have been established. Distributors who participate in the moratorium will be placed on a list kept by the FSMA. The voluntary moratorium remains in force until new rules on the distribution of structured products to retail investors have been drawn up. This voluntary moratorium is a first step in a process that is intended to lead to a more transparent and simpler product range. In what follows, we provide additional information in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.

Further information can be found in the following: 

An accession form and a list (French - Dutch) of the distributors that have signed on to the moratorium are also available.

For questions on the moratorium, please contact: