Newsletter for AML compliance officers: Anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT)

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In the latest edition of the AMLCO newsletter, the FSMA draws your attention to the communication published by the Belgian Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (CTIF-CFI) regarding its new web portal for reporting suspicious transactions. The FSMA also wishes to inform you that the European Banking Authority (EBA) has amended its Guidelines on risk-based supervision and its Guidelines on ML/TF risk factors, in order to take into account upcoming risks in the crypto-asset service sector. The FSMA takes these guidelines into consideration in its risk-based supervision. The guidelines on risk factors also apply to you and you are required to take every possible measure to comply with them. Lastly, the FSMA announces the launch of its 2024 questionnaire about preventing ML/TF and reminds you, under the heading of “miscellaneous” that as an entity under supervision, you have electronic access to the UBO register.

  • New 'goAML' portal for reporting suspicious transactions to the Belgian Financial Processing Unit (CTIF-CFI)
  • Amendments to two EBA guidelines in order to take into account specific risks in the crypto-asset service sector
  • Periodic questionnaire for 2024 on preventing ML/TF
  • Miscellaneous  
    • Your access, as an entity under supervision, to the UBO register
    • A word about AML/CFT colleges
    • Evaluation of Belgium by the FATF-GAFI

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