UCIs: Technical updates to the questionnaires to be filled in by senior management

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The FSMA has made some technical updates to the questionnaire to be filled in by the senior management of self-managed beveks/sicavs (investment company with variable capital) for the purpose of reporting on internal control and to the occasional questionnaire for undertakings for collective investment which use the services of a management company.

The updates are intended to improve the data quality in the reports and to facilitate their analysis. The FSMA has also drawn up explanatory texts setting out the way these questionnaires are to be filled in.

The new version of the questionnaires will come into effect for the reports on the financial year ending on 31 December 2024 or later.


For more information, see FSMA_2019_23 (available in French and Dutch) and FSMA_2019_25 (available in French and Dutch)