STORI, the Belgian official mechanism for the storage of regulated information

STORI contains the regulated information about issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market, and for which Belgium is the home Member State, within the context of their obligations regarding periodic and certain ongoing information, as well as for issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on Euronext Growth.

STORI contains the regulated information filed with the FSMA. Unless there are any technical problems, the information submitted is immediately and automatically made available as received. The issuers remain fully responsible for the reliability of the information submitted, and the FSMA cannot be held liable for the quality or the contents of the information.

Reproduction of information available through STORI is authorized for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

Any public or private site may create a link, without prior authorization by the FSMA, to the information made available via STORI. Such links must, however, lead directly to STORI and to the information contained in STORI, in such a way that the original web page disappears. No other link may be created, in particular to any page where the STORI information is embedded in the pages of another site.

Information is available on STORI in PDF format, unless for annual financial reports.

The following types of file are available on STORI for annual financial reports:

  • a ZIP file This file contains the full annual financial report, including the XBRL information. XBRL data can only be extracted using specialized software.
  • an (X)HTML file Any browser can open this file.
  • a PDF document