What information can you report via the Whistleblowers' Point of contact?

  • The FSMA will handle reports of infringements only of the financial legislation with which it supervises compliance. The Whistleblowers' Point of contact therefore does not have to report any infringements of legislation that does not fall within the FSMA's areas of competence.
  • The reports must enable the FSMA to investigate the facts reported. The information must be transparent, comprehensible and reliable. The reporting person must describe the relevant facts carefully and in sufficient detail, and where possible document them via evidence submitted together with the report on the infringement. It is important, among other things, to mention the type of infringement, the name and position of the reported person, the location, the period to which the report refers and any other element that the reporting person deems relevant.
  • The FSMA's dedicated staff members may, via the contact information provided by the reporting person, ask him or her to clarify the information and documents provided or to provide additional information, unless the (non-anonymous) reporting person has explicitly stated that he or she does not wish to be contacted.