1 April 2011 represents an important new step in the supervision of the Belgian financial sector. To mark this event, a new logo has been created for the “Financial Services and Markets Authority” that embodies the qualities and values that constitute the foundation of our institution.

The basic design is a dark blue square: firm and solid, business-like, formal – a proven value.


A second element – one that sends a powerful message – is the rounded diagonal line. Not only is it dynamic and evocative of growth as well as of financial graphs, figures and tables, but more importantly, it symbolizes the supervisor’s approach: both efficient and reasonable.

The appearance of the letters FSMA in the upper part of the square expresses both of these qualities: the typeface is firm – decisive, honest and formal – but at the same time rounded and accessible.

The green colour of the line draws attention, through its freshness and dynamism, to new roles and tasks for the institution: it expresses the permanent concern for the investor/financial consumer and his or her clearly understood interests.

The values that I wish to posit for the FSMA reflect the same twofold approach: on the one hand, authority and honesty, professionalism and efficiency, consistency, integrity and a commitment to standards, and on the other hand independence, accessibility and openness.


It is up to all of us to give shape to these values.


Jean-Paul Servais

Chairman of the FSMA