Consultation on a guide to information notes

News article

The FSMA has prepared a guide to the content and publication of information notes relating to the offer of investment instruments.

Unlike a prospectus, an information note is not subject to ex ante supervision by the FSMA. Given the limited size of the operations for which an information note has to be drawn up, those responsible for the information note do not always receive external advice or professional assistance. This guide is intended to help those responsible for drawing up information notes for such smaller-scale operations.

More specifically, the FSMA wishes via this guide to set out the applicable rules and the interpretations, expectations and recommendations of the FSMA regarding the content and publication of information notes. The guide should enable those responsible for preparing the information note to provide the public with high-quality and timely information notes, thereby contributing to the protection of investors.

The FSMA is conducting a consultation regarding this guide, to run from 01/02/2023 to 15/03/2023. It is addressed to the entire financial sector, and in particular to representatives of issuers who publish information notes. Those who wish to submit their responses are asked to do so via the email address

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