Electronic submission to the FSMA of information on undertakings for collective investment

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This document sets out the procedure to be followed when:

  • submitting periodic statistical information and questionnaires via the FiMiS platform;
  • submitting periodic documents via the eCorporate platform;
  • submitting, by email or on a USB stick, the definitive documents requested in a letter of decision by the Management Committee of the FSMA or requested in a communication from the FSMA relating to a file that comes under Article 34 of the Royal Decree of 12 November 2012 on undertakings for collective investment that fulfil the conditions of Directive 2009/65/EC or under Article 26 of the Royal Decree of 25 February 2017 on certain alternative investment funds and their management companies and containing various provisions.

For more information, please see Communication FSMA_2022_18 (available in Dutch and French only)