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FSMA draws attention to managing cyber security risks

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The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) publishes a communication about managing cyber security risks. The communication follows on from the cyber security campaign held in Belgium this month.

Cyber threats are a major operational risk that firms active in the financial sector face. They deserve every firm’s full attention, since their clients, data regarding them as well as their reputation are their most valuable asset.

The FSMA wants to raise awareness and provide guidance on the foundations of managing cyber risks. With the baseline information and cybersecurity principles listed in this document, the FSMA wants to assist all firms in the implementation of organizational and technical cyber measures concerning cyber security.

The FSMA drafted the communication in cooperation with the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium. Presently, the Centre and the Cyber Security Coalition jointly organize a cyber security awareness campaign, as part of the European Cyber Security Month in October 2019.

Focal point of that campaign is phishing. Its ultimate objective is to convince internet users to think twice before clicking on a link in an email. Do not click on just any link, is the underlying message. Whenever receiving a suspicious message, you can best forward it to By doing so, the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium wants to reduce the number of phishing victims.

The FSMA fully supports this campaign.

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