IOSCO discusses sustainability reporting standards

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Sustainability: a photo of a hand in a green environment that holds a glass bowl out of which a tree is growing an don which a butterfly has landed

The Chairman of the FSMA, Jean-Paul Servais, attended the recent meeting of the IOSCO Board, the international organization of securities commissions, of which he is Vice Chair.

The Board discussed the proposed standards for corporate reporting on sustainability made by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). IOSCO is delighted at the positive responses to those proposals.

As chair of the Monitoring Board of the IFRS Foundation, Jean-Paul Servais emphasized the crucial role that the ISSB will play in streamlining sustainability reporting, thereby contributing to ensuring that the market and investors are well informed.

The IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board, which consists of public authorities, monitors the  work of the IFRS Foundation, of which the ISSB is a part.

The press release and the remarks by Jean-Paul Servais are available here.