More than 3,500 documents on the online database STORI

Press release

The online database STORI already contains over 3,500 documents that have been published by listed companies. STORI, which is short for STorage Of Regulated Information, is run by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). It was launched in early 2011.

"The major advantages of STORI are the central storage of all regulatory information of listed companies and the standardized consultation. Furthermore, the information it contains cannot be modified or removed. With more than 3,500 documents in the database, STORI fully meets expectations", says Jean-Paul Servais, chairman of the FSMA.

STORI contains the regulated information that has been made public as of early 2011 by the companies listed on Euronext Brussels and Alternext. All regulated information submitted to the FSMA by the companies is immediately and automatically made available in STORI.

Besides quarterly, six-monthly and annual information, the occasional press releases of these companies can also be found in STORI (publication of price-sensitive information, of information contained in transparency notifications, etc.), as well as invitations to the General Meetings and dividend notices.

The search tools in STORI allow visitors to search and retrieve the regulated information in various ways (per company, per period, per type of information, etc.). STORI can be consulted on

With the creation of STORI, the FSMA has implemented the Royal Decree of 23 February 2010 designating the FSMA as the institution responsible for the central storage of regulated information within the meaning of the European Transparency Directive.