Update of the Communication on the annual activity report of the AMLCO

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The FSMA has updated its Communication FSMA_2020_12 (available in French - Dtuch only) of 6 October 2020, which sets out the information that must be included in the annual activity report of the AMLCO. A copy of that report, written for the senior management and the legal governing body, must always be submitted to the FSMA.

The Communication has been updated to specify that the FSMA expects AMLCOs to send it a copy of the said report at the latest by 15 May following the reporting year. This does not apply to insurance intermediaries, which are required to keep the said report available to the FSMA.

Analysing these reports is one of the supervisory tools used by the FSMA. It is an important source of information for the FSMA as it performs its supervisory actions with regard to AML/CFT.