Updated Fit & Proper handbook for IORPs

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The FSMA has published an update to its Handbook on the fit & proper questionnaires for regulated functions at an institution for occupational retirement provision (‘IORP’).

The new handbook (FSMA_2024_06) replaces Handbook FSMA_2019_16 dated 17 July 2019 (titled “Questionnaires to be used for appointments of members of operational bodies and key function holders and when appointing a statutory auditor and liquidator”).

The update was needed in order to take into account experience on the ground in recent years, but does not contain any substantially new elements. In the handbook, the FSMA explains how to use the questionnaires that IORPs have to fill in in order to enable the FSMA to assess whether members of governing bodies and key function holders at the IORP have the necessary professional integrity and appropriate expertise to be able to carry out their functions. The Handbook also contains practical guidelines and clarifications on a number of frequently asked question in this regard.

Read more in Handbook FSM2024_06 (available in French - Dutch only)