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The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) launches a new campaign on the theme "Housing" on its website as part of its financial education programme.

Throughout the course of their lives, consumers inevitably have to deal with questions on the issue of housing. Do I have to take out fire insurance for a student room? Is it better to draw up an inventory for rental property? Which is better: renting or buying? Which factors should I take into account when purchasing a property? How much can I borrow? When do I have to renegotiate my mortgage credit?

The objective of this new campaign is to boost the awareness of among the Belgian public by encouraging consumers to visit so that they may find answers to their money-related issues. If there is no answer available on the site, they can submit their question to the Wikifin experts.

Within the framework of this new campaign about housing, also launches a competition online. Web users can ask their questions about housing and, with a bit of luck, they can win a prize. The most relevant questions as well as the replies provided by experts will be published on the website and will be used during the next Batibouw fair in February 2014.

This campaign about housing is the second campaign launched by this year. Indeed, a first campaign, launched in May 2013, focused on the topic of pensions. Within the context of that campaign, consumers were invited to take part in a quiz on pensions in order to test their knowledge of that subject.

The FSMA launched its financial education programme on 31 January 2013 with the launch of the portal. aims at providing consumers with neutral, reliable and accessible financial information. It also features interactive tools such as the savings account simulator. Since its launch at the end of January 2013, has been visited approximately 600,000 times by more than 410,000 visitors.

The portal continues to grow: new checklists and texts are regularly posted online. In the meantime two new themes - 'getting separated' and 'being a parent' - have already been added to the existing list of stages of life. Henceforth, extensive information will also be available about housing.

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