Recruitment procedure

We are looking for COMPETENT, SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, PASSIONATE AND DYNAMIC COLLABORATORS with an adequate MASTER OR BACHELOR degree and relevant experience.

All collaborators of the FSMA are highly qualified in their area of expertise. They are thoroughly screened at the time of their recruitment.

In its search for suitable candidates, the FSMA examines each application in detail. This may take some time. Although the FSMA tries to act swiftly, finding the right candidates who fit in with the FSMA’s corporate culture is a priority, more so than the speed of the procedure.

Each recruitment is a long-term commitment for the FSMA. This stability contributes to the continuity that may be expected from supervision.

The procedure

  • 1. Selection based on the CV and the letter of motivation
    • Close attention is paid to the CV and the letter of motivation of the applicants. The FSMA makes a first selection based on those documents. In addition to a strong academic record of accomplishment and a useful professional experience, bilingualism and knowledge of current ICT applications are of the highest importance.
    • At this point of the procedure, it is possible that a candidate is contacted by telephone for a first assessment.
  • 2. First interview

    If the results of the screening of their CV and their letter of motivation are positive, the applicants may be invited for a first interview.

    • When introducing their application, the candidates may indicate the functions in which they are interested. During the procedure, the FSMA determines the best match between the skills of the candidate and the requirements of the departments. The FSMA is usually looking for multi-employable collaborators, who have the ambition to carry out various supervisory functions and, by doing so, acquire a broader vision of the FSMA as a supervisor.
    • During the first interview, the major focus areas are the skills, relevant experience, potential and motivation of the applicant. The content of the vacancies, the organization of the work and the FSMA’s corporate culture are also explained.
    • If the interview proves to be positive for all parties concerned, the applicant is invited to take part in a case study.
  • 3. Case study
    • The case study is composed of an oral and a written part.
    • It is the perfect occasion to assess the applicant’s expertise, analysis capabilities, logical reasoning and solution-oriented approach. Excellent communication and drafting skills are also an asset.
  • 4. External screening
    • Finally, for certain functions, the applicant is invited for a screening by an external partner. During the screening the applicant’s motivation and behavioural skills are tested.
  • 5. Recruitment
    • If the different stages of the procedure are positive, the Management Committee shall take a final decision about the recruitment.


FOR The FSMA, recruitment is NOT A matter to be taken lightly. This approach makes it possible to recruit motivated and high-quality collaborators with a strong sense of responsibility, commitment AND DEDICATION.