Shareholding structure

The FSMA publishes an unofficial overview of the current shareholding structure of companies under its supervision.

The information published is taken from the notifications that are still valid and that were filed with the FSMA by the persons subject to a notification requirement pursuant to the transparency legislation. The FSMA can not be held liable for the content of the information made available.

The reported information is the information on the date of the notification. The number of voting rights held by the notifying person may be different today. The notifying person is indeed obliged to notify only when the % of voting rights he holds crosses a threshold (upwards or downwards).

Since the format of the published information has been standardized, the overview does not always present all the information contained in the notifications.

Notifications made when a holding fell below the lowest threshold (as stipulated by law or in the company articles of association) are not shown in the overview.

The overview is updated daily. A new notification will be included in the overview at the earliest on the day after the publication by the relevant issuer of all the information contained in the said notification.

An explanation of the way in which the information is presented is available here.