Beware of attempts at phishing in relation to COVID-19!


As the internet and social networks develop, the FSMA has noticed the appearance of fraudsters 2.0, who use modern means of communication to engage in contacts with potential investors. In this context, these swindlers often use such emails, private messages and unsolicited phone calls to offer allegedly very lucrative and risk-free investments that are too good to be true, and against which the FSMA regularly publishes warnings. This method is comparable to that of phishing, which is a technique used by many fraudsters, including in areas beyond that of investments.

The FSMA was informed that malicious persons were using these same phishing methods to take advantage of the current COVID-19 situation. As you can read on the website of the Centre for Cybersecurity, fake messages are currently circulating on the internet and via text messages, containing, among other things:

  • offers of protective masks
  • fraudulent fundraising campaigns for victims of the virus
  • links to fake information sites
  • offers of vaccines

More than ever, prudence is necessary. Always think twice before clicking on a link, beware of any unsolicited message you receive and take into consideration the recommendations of the Centre for Cybersecurity.