Issuers subject to FSMA supervision and a list of the total number of voting rights issued

This unofficial list contains the names of companies whose shares or certificates representing these shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market and for which Belgium is the home Member State as regards the legislation concerning the disclosure of major holdings (Law of 2 May 2007 and Royal Decree of 14 February 2008). 

Belgium is, for these purposes, the home Member State for: 

  1. issuers which have their registered office in Belgium; 
  2. issuers which have their registered office in a third country for which Belgium is the home Member State.

The issuers under category 2° are included in this list provided they have made known to the FSMA their choice of Belgium as their home Member State. 

The list also contains the identification number which the FSMA uses for each issuer under supervision. 

Finally, the list also indicates the total number of voting rights issued. This figure is taken directly from the information which each issuer has provided to the FSMA pursuant to the Law of 2 May 2007. The issuer thus bears sole responsibility for the accuracy of this information.