Shareholding structure

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Overview of the shareholding structure of listed companies
Circulars, communications and practical guide
Practical guide

(update 11 January 2020)

For notifications of major holdings, the FSMA recommends the use of Form TR-1 BE, which is based on the European standard form and has been adapted to the Belgian transparency legislation.

The form comprises 2 parts: part I, which is to be submitted to both the FSMA and the issuer, and part II, which is to be sent to the FSMA only. Please check while opening the file that the macros are enabled.

TR-1BE is an interactive form. If you select the issuer’s name from the list provided under point 2, an identification number will automatically appear.

The form needs to be submitted to the FSMA electronically, to the e-mail address unsigned version should be transmitted in xlsm format. A signed copy should be transmitted in PDF format.

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