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20/04/2021 Educational brochures on the rules governing the distribution of insurance products
19/04/2021 Nombre croissant de notifications concernant les pensions complémentaires
15/04/2021 The FSMA submits dossier on the CEO of Keyware Technologies to the judicial authorities
24/03/2021 The winning classes in the Wikifin Quiz have been announced
18/03/2021 Ministers to offer virtual classes to secondary school students during Money Week
15/02/2021 Animated films help intermediaries fight money laundering
04/02/2021 More and more consumers are reporting cases of fraud to the FSMA
28/01/2021 The Chairman of the FSMA appointed Co-Chair of the Monitoring Group, the body responsible for advancing the public interest in relation to international audit standard setting
11/12/2020 Agreed settlement - uFund NV
01/12/2020 Agreed settlement with Greenyard NV
24/11/2020 Institutions for occupational retirement provision: Sectoral overview 2019
20/11/2020 The second-pillar pension in images - Sectoral overview 2020
02/11/2020 Agreed settlement with De Naeyer R. en C. BVBA
29/10/2020 The FSMA provides guidance on information disclosures by biotech companies
08/09/2020 Opening of the Wikifin Lab: a unique financial experience centre for schools
29/07/2020 Agreed settlement with Bank Degroof Petercam NV/SA
23/07/2020 Class 21 insurance products: beware of the risk of capital loss
22/07/2020 The FSMA asks various insurers to update the information on their sites concerning trip cancellation insurance
17/07/2020 Agreed settlement with Curalia OVV
08/07/2020 FSMA extends investigation into FNG and hands the file over to the judicial authorities
25/06/2020 Agreed settlement of € 40,000 – Bank Dierickx Leys NV/SA
22/06/2020 Presentation of the 2019 annual report
19/06/2020 The FSMA launches campaign against online investment fraud
12/06/2020 The chairman of the FSMA re-elected vice chair of the international organization IOSCO
03/06/2020 Agreed settlement of € 50,000 – Degroof Petercam Asset Management NV
03/06/2020 Agreed settlement of € 55,000 – Sopal International SA and Frabelco SA
02/06/2020 Notification by the FSMA regarding the decision on the dissolution of Nyrstar NV
29/05/2020 FSMA expands its investigation into Nyrstar’s NV communications
27/05/2020 Belgians trade up to five times as many shares during the coronavirus crisis
18/05/2020 FSMA announces the suspension of the ban on creating or increasing net short positions
12/05/2020 Agreed settlement - P&V Verzekeringen CV