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04/02/2020 Settlement of € 75,000 – AG Insurance NV
29/01/2020 Consumers mainly report fraud
28/01/2020 Settlement for insider dealing - Ludovicus Koenraadt and Ingeborg Koenraadt
27/01/2020 The FSMA has imposed administrative fines for a total amount of 2,249,602 euros in 2019
15/01/2020 Settlement of € 125,000 - Bank Degroof Petercam NV
13/01/2020 New brochure on investor protection rules (MiFID II)
10/01/2020 Settlement of € 75,000 – Europ Assistance (Belgium)
23/12/2019 Agreed settlement - Federale Verzekering
17/12/2019 Belgian pension funds: positive results of the European stress test
16/12/2019 Settlement of € 250,000 - Baloise Belgium
13/12/2019 The FSMA authorises EMMI as administrator of the EONIA benchmark
04/12/2019 Settlement of € 75,000 - Athora Belgium NV
25/11/2019 The second-pillar pension in images - sectoral overview 2019
22/11/2019 Agreed settlement - CVBA N Allo
28/10/2019 Biennial report on the supplementary pension for self-employed workers and for self-employed company directors
17/09/2019 Agreed settlement - Wabco Europe BVBA (Wabco)
13/09/2019 Consultation on the draft circular regarding regular reporting by the institutions for occupational retirement provision
02/09/2019 Biennial report on the sectoral pension schemes
20/08/2019 Agreed settlement - Optimco NV
03/07/2019 The FSMA authorises EMMI as administrator of the EURIBOR benchmark
21/06/2019 Sectoral report on compliance with the conduct of business rules governing conflicts of interest and 'inducements' by insurers
11/06/2019 Agreed settlement with a French financial analyst
13/05/2019 Agreed settlement - Amundi Asset Management SAS
26/03/2019 Study on compliance by Belgian listed companies with the new requirement to publish a non-financial statement
26/03/2019 75 classes compete for the title of most financially competent class
25/03/2019 Money Week: seven days for talking about money
19/03/2019 Agreed settlement - IBP Veldkant
12/03/2019 Re-election of the chairman of the FSMA as chair of the Monitoring Board of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Foundation