Standard form for disclosing transactions in securities during a bid period

Pursuant to Article 12 of the Royal Decree on takeover bids a notification must be made in cases where, during the bid period, there is an acquisition or disposal of securities with voting rights or that confer access to voting rights in the target company or, where applicable, the company whose securities are offered by way of consideration.

The notification obligation lies with the offeror, the target company, the members of the governing bodies – or of the body to which the governing body has transferred or delegated part of its powers – of the offeror or of the target company, the persons who act in concert with the offeror or with the target company, and the persons who directly or indirectly hold at least 1% of the voting securities of the target company.

Parties who are required to make a notification are requested to fill in the form below for each transaction conducted and to transmit the form both in xls and in PDF format to More information can be found in the procedural note.

The notifications will be published on this web site under List of notifications of securities operations.