"At the end of January, I started working with XXX and with great success, mainly thanks to the direct assistance of a financial analyst... Investments totalling 26,000 euros yielded the same amount in profit: on 27 March, my account showed a positive balance of more than 131,000 euros. ... I was able to make an initial withdrawal (without significant difficulty) of 4,000 euros. In full confidence, I authorized them to carry out transactions in my name until the end of February ... and as long as the guarantee still stood. It seemed to be a great success: thanks to those transactions, my balance with XXX rose to more than 132,000 euros. After that, the situation deteriorated: my requests to withdraw money were no longer fulfilled. Eventually, I received an email in which I was informed that my request to withdraw part of my money would be fulfilled only after I had transferred the legally required taxes to the bank account of XXX."

“They lure you in by promising fantastic monthly interest rates that continue to rise after you have transferred funds, and show you “your own” [so-called] fictitious account with outstanding capital gains. ... They phone you every day. They are very good at what they do, they know the trading business better than anyone, speak perfect and elegant French. They claim to work with [renowned banks] and promise to provide you with an overview of your interest income for your tax return ... They come across as honest and serious. ... They ask you to transfer money to an account (...) with [AAA bank] opened in your own name!”

“They phone you every day and insist that you have to deposit a total of 50,000 euros in order to be assigned a coach for binary options. Once you have a coach, you are sure to make a profit. I fell into the trap. Now they refuse to return my initial investment. They no longer answer my phone calls or emails."

"I can't sleep .... I'm in despair. I should never have put my trust in XXX, a company that was supposedly "honest", that was going to send me all the papers needed for my tax return and that had given me major banks as references! The result is that I am ruined, and have thus ruined my children too. I very much wish they would return my money so that this nightmare would end."

"I allowed myself to be taken in by a trading website called XXX. I was active on the site for about three months, but ultimately everything pointed to it being a major fraud. Afterwards, I was contacted by phone and email by the 'regulatory service’ of that site. They confirmed that [the first site] was indeed a swindle and proposed to reimburse my 24,696 euros. That was exactly the amount [that I had lost]. But in order to recover it, I was supposed first to pay 20% of that sum, that is, 4,939.20 euros. "I didn't do so, of course, as I suspected that this was a further fraud."

"Six days ago, a French company, 'XXX', contacted me and assured me that they would see to it that I get my money back, plus compensation, within 30 days. I only had to pay 330 euros in processing fees.

“Following our telephone conversation today, I confirm that we have closed your trader account on a trading platform supervised by the European Stock Exchange Authority (sic!) and that capital gains of 526.18 euros have been placed in custody. In order that we may transfer that amount into your account, we would ask you to send us the following supporting documents: a photocopy of the front and back of your identity card - a proof of your domicile. When we receive those documents, I will contact you again with more information about the procedure to follow. Yours sincerely AAA".

"I have just been contacted by a company that claims it has recovered my money (137,000 euros). It is apparently on a blocked account with BARCLAYS in London! This was sent by company BBB. They are asking me to pay 25,000 euros in order to recover my money???"

"A week ago, I was contacted on my mobile phone by a person who warned me that I had been trading on unregulated trading platforms (including He proposed a way that I could recover the amounts I had invested. To do so, I would have to open an account with CCC, a transit platform used to compensate private investors who had invested money on other, unregulated trading sites (broker). Thinking that I could get my money back, I invested 770 euros in this trading platform (CCC) in order to release 1000 euros in the form of a bonus that CCC supposedly owed me and that I would be able to withdraw 40 days later. All this was supposed to take place via Barclays Bank. Later, I found out that these were fraudsters. Their practices were brought to light by the AMF in France."