FinTech Contact Point

The Belgian financial regulators the FSMA and the NBB have identified FinTech as an important theme in today's financial markets. FinTech (Financial Technology) refers to start-ups or established firms that use technology to offer innovative processes, products or services in the financial sector.  Examples of such innovations are applications based on artificial intelligence and big data, distributed ledger technology, crypto assets, mobile payment solutions, alternative distribution models or financing platforms, claims management and the fight against fraud in the insurance sector ("InsurTech").

The NBB and the FSMA have been working together since 2016 to inform market players active in Belgium about the supervision - and its regulation - of their innovative financial services and products. In addition, both organisations also participate in European and international networks of supervisors who are committed to monitoring, coordinating and, where appropriate, supporting financial innovation in their respective markets.

Schematic representations of the FinTech contact point

As the regulatory framework plays a key role in combining innovation with security in the financial sector, the FSMA and the NBB offer FinTech companies (both start-ups and established firms) the opportunity to contact them directly for the following purposes:

  • explanation of specific supervisory rules, policies and authorisation procedures;
  • assistance in navigating the supervisory landscape; and
  • information on potential supervisory issues, for example when developing an innovative financial concept.

The FSMA receives more and more questions about the application of financial rules to crypto-assets. The FSMA has drawn up a communication FSMA_2022_25 with a stepwise plan that serves as a guideline for the exercise of classifying crypto-assets.

Finally, for those market participants interested in European initiatives in this area, we invite you to consult the EU Digital Finance Platform (a proper login is required).