Crowdfunding service providers (crowdfunding platforms)

If you wish to lodge a complaint in relation to a crowdfunding service provider, we advise you first of all to contact the complaints department of the crowdfunding service provider in question.

If your complaint is not resolved through that channel, and if your complaint relates to a Belgian crowdfunding service provider, you can contact the FSMA. Complaints have an important signalling function for the FSMA as a supervisory authority. The FSMA will assess your complaint and, where necessary, take action. Please note that the FSMA cannot intervene between you and your crowdfunding service provider or between you and the project owner, nor can it, in principle, give you information covered by professional secrecy.

If your complaint concerns a crowdfunding service provider authorized by an authority of another Member State of the European Union, you should contact the competent authority in that Member State. The list of competent authorities in the other Member States is available on the website of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The FSMA is not competent to deal with this type of complaint.